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S.A.T. - Systemically Attaining Tools

After traveling to Kumasi, Ghana with Soror Armstead, both she and I were able to truly identify the need of students at the Oduko Boatemaa Secondary School, a school founded by Howard Faculty Dr. Amy Yeboah’s mother. Oftentimes, Americans tend to impose our ideas on what is needed for school children in underdeveloped countries, but it truly takes being immersed in the culture to provided impactful help. Though we donated books, clothes, and feminine products, we discovered that students were in desperate need for standardized test preparation books for American Universities and Colleges. Though many of them had goals to study abroad in the states, they do have the appropriate tools to help with the preparation of entrance exams.

This tabling project will introduce this conquerable dilemma to the Howard community. I plan to have a short presentation and video display of the students at the Oduko Boatemaa Secondary School and encourage the donations of SAT Test Prep Books to help Ghanaian students bridge this educational gap.

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