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Dismantling Structures Through Talent: A Cultural Awakening

Our second May Week program focused on the 'International Awareness and Involvement' thrust. Most black women in America can agree that they have faced, or are familiar with colorism and its impact on their confidence and self-worth. They may also be accustomed to the nonchalance that the media shows towards the country's missing women of color.

These are issues that we, as black women, are faced with everyday. But what about the Black women that we don’t often hear about everyday in the media? The ones who continue to be sexually assaulted on an island that is often only associated with reggae music and sandy beaches.

What about the women in South Africa that are sold into sex trafficking before they’ve even fully developed physically? Through performances and open discussions following the performances, this program allowed for us to address cultural immersion and shed light on this disturbing information.

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