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Dispelling Stereotypical Tendencies: The Miseducation of the Black Girl

Criminalization and disparities in education for girls are common issues that are overlooked or undervalued.

At-Risk black girls are typically on the receiving end of punitive, zero-tolerance policies that subject them to violence, arrest, suspension and/or expulsion. Many young women describe zero- tolerance schools as chaotic environments in which discipline is prioritized over educational attainment.

We believe that steps can be taken to combat the problems by highlighting and bringing attention to the matter, which we decided to do for one of our May Week programs titled 'Dispelling Stereotypical Tendencies: The Miseducation of the Black Girl". Through video clips and open discussions, audience members were able to address these issues.

The panelists consisted of a college professor, a High school teacher at Ballou High School, a Senior at Dunbar High School, a Juvenile Defense Policy Fellow at Georgetown University, and a Ph.D student. The conversation was moderated by Dr. Amy Yeboah.

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