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INVEST: The Circulation of the Black Dollar

Each day of May Week incorporated an overarching programatic thrust theme. "Invest: The Circulation of the Black Dollar" embodied our 'Economic Development' thrust, highlighting the dissemination of the dollar in the black community, as well as the importance of budgeting and investing.

In building future entrepreneurs and business minded individuals, we hoped to instill attendees with the tools they will need to give back to the black community. We invited four panelists who are experienced in owning a business, running a non-profit organization, and/or financial advising.

The guests spoke on a variety of topics surrounding entrepreneurship. Attendees were also able to participate in a budgeting excersice, which provided useful tips. They also received a pamphlet that included a list of local black businesses throughout the local community.

Following the program we featured a local black owned business allowing them to market their business and give out free samples and business cards.

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