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Sisterly S.W.E.A.T: Sustaining Wellness Efficiently & with Tenacity

Say goodbye to the freshman 15 flab! The women of Alpha Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. presented campus with The Sisterly S.W.E.A.T. event, which equipped women, ages 18-22, with convenient dorm room workout tips and fitness track guides.

During Sisterly S.W.E.A.T, Alpha Chapter Soror and fitness enthusiast, Toni Benn, led a 45-minute cardio session that taught simple workout regiments that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home. Monthly fitness logs that were provided contained various exercises for any given month and included a brief discussion on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living the hectic undergraduate schedule.

This event served as the chapter's first event for the Spring 2017 semester, aligning with our programatic thrust 'Physical and Mental Health'. Throughout this session we emphasized the importance of creating healthy habits now in order to achieving future personal health goals.

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